gallery seventy two


​​​​​ROBERT DRAPALA is the  owner of Gallery Seventy Two and Aerial Perspective Publishing.  Robert started his company Aerial Perspective providing Aerial Photography for his customers and branched out to providing aerial and ground photography for Sterling Publishing, Ziga Design, Barnes and Noble Publishing for their Calendars and Table Top Pictorial books. He started his own publishing company with Georgian Court College being the first to hire Robert to produce a pictorial book titled, "Guilded Glory," selling out of all 5,000 books as soon as they were released. Robert went on to publish five other pictorial books with his best seller "Portrait of the Outer Banks" selling over 10,000 to date. Robert has been photographing around the world adding to his photography portfolio to include unique series of photojournalism on two of his deployments as a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot for the NJ Army National Guard.  Robert opened Gallery Seventy Two with the vision of creating a Photographers Gallery, where he and other local photographers can display their art and share their images with the public. All photographs are for sale and can be customized. 

"I really try not to place a time on how long I've been enjoying photography because it usually makes me feel old.  I would say I'm an experienced photographer.  Having the ability to have an open mind and freedom to photograph what I see at any time in any format gives me that timeless feeling of no time at all.  Every time the shutter cycles through another image it's like the only time that image will ever be imprinted in history forever. I have a passion for outdoor photography with subject matters that present a unique character of history; such as old fishing boats, light houses, seascapes, landscapes, and nature.  And, then to be able to include any subject matter that can add character to the photography such as an old wind mill, barns, old houses, old vehicles, wildlife, people, inner city life,...basically anything.  Aerial photography also presents a unique perspective to my photography as does the changing of the seasons.  The seasons always present something new."  ~ Robert Drapala

Robert's Flat Iron Building Photos are part of the most sought out New York Photography in the Gallery.