gallery seventy two

Gallery Seventy Two is the area's only Wine and Chocolate bar in Mount Holly, NJ. What is unique, is that it is located inside Gallery Seventy Two, a Photography Art Gallery.  This small chocolate shop will enhance your experience at the Gallery. What better way than with wine and chocolate?  Enjoy sauntering around the Gallery enjoying the photographic art by professional local photographers while savoring some chocolate.  Come in to sample the delicious wine-infused chocolate.

We also sell shot-glass sized cups made from chocolate that are just right to hold a sip or two of wine. Enjoy the pairing of the wine enhanced by the chocolate, especially the chocolate port. 

New to our chocolate bar is the chocolate-dipped bottle of wine! Choose your bottle of wine, your chocolate flavor and even your colors. What a great gift!!

CHOCOLATE in mount holly

Chocolate shot glasses and cups 

Wine-Infused Chocolate