gallery seventy two


SCOTT KERN is a travel writer and professional photographer residing for the last 22 years in Moorestown, New Jersey.  He is one of the best photographers in Mount Holly where the Gallery is located and in the area. Studio photography is not Scott's first love; He has enjoyed traveling, writing and photographing his adventures away from home ever since he planned his daughter’s first trip to Disney World in 1996.  

Into his mid-50s, he has become a disciple of the way of life – "Experiences over Stuff."  He has stated “As a writer and photographer, we are part storytellers and part historians. Our job is to create a story or an image that transcends time." His art continues to be inspired by countless trips across America and beyond our shores attempting to capture the feeling and emotion of the places he’s had the pleasure of visiting.   “Let’s go explore the world with an open mind, loving heart, empty camera, blank journal and curious imagination” ~ Scott Ker​n