SUSAN LA BELLA is an artist who does professional photography and has had her work displayed at Gallery Seventy Two since we opened our doors.  Her framed custom prints, matted custom prints and blank greeting cards are available for sale at the Gallery. Susan specializes in Italian Photography, and other local photography, such as New York and Philadelphia scenes, beaches, sunsets and butterflies. 

Susan got her first camera as a child. She has been obsessed with capturing life on film. Her mind’s eye sees the world as photographs, cropping out the extraneous and capturing the beautiful. "As the digital age emerged, photography became more exciting, seeing immediately on screen what I see so clearly in my mind. People think that with cameras now anyone can take a beautiful picture, but it’s the composition that is important. It is about capturing a child's fleeting smile, a wave hitting the shore, a bird in mid flight or the wonder of the ever changing colors of a be cherished, remembered and saved for posterity." ~ Susan La Bella

Her work has been on display at the New York Design Center in Manhattan, featured in the Burlington County Times and one of her photographs of the Pantheon in Rome recently won a prize in the Lenses On Europe contest sponsored by Nada's Italy Tours which is her tour company of choice for any European travel.




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